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BAMBU BRASIL, founded by Nathali Oliveira, fashion lover, sophistication and beach lifestyle.


Bringing the most beautiful and sophisticated beach fashion models from Brazil, the BAMBU BRASIL brand offers women of all nationalities and styles the most elegant swimsuits and accessories with a casual style with the tropical charm of Brazil.


The name was chosen because of the analogy of bamboo, which is characterized by its growth and determination.


Bamboo is a plant with a very peculiar way of growing, where it has become a great lesson in wisdom, since when the bamboo seed is planted in the ground, a bulb is born and then small sprouts appear. These shoots remain underground for a long period of time.


It is only after the roots have reached dozens of meters that the shoot begins to protrude above the surface. From that moment on, bamboo grows surprisingly fast and reaches a height of more than 25 meters.


The way bamboo grows teaches us the importance of patience and determination.


Bamboo simply does what needs to be done when it needs to be done, all with serenity, confidence and courage. He does not think about the results or suffer beforehand.


This plant, as well as BAMBU BRASIL brand, has complete confidence in the process, in the movements of nature and in the perfection of the universe.

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